What is the Best Roofing Material for a Low Pitch Roof?

The roof of your home should never be completely flat. Otherwise, the drainage of water after rainfall would be a problem resulting in damages to the roof.

Most homes that have a roof that appears flat have a low pitch roof which features a slope that is unnoticeable to the naked eye. The slant directs the water into corners with the drains, so water doesn’t stagnate and result in leaks.

For anyone looking to repair or replace a roof, one common question is, what is the best material for a low pitch roof? You would think that asphalt shingles would be the answer, however, the material isn’t sustainable when it comes to heavy rain. It does a terrible job, in the long run, draining water.

You want to pick a material that can completely seal off your roof to ensure there are no leaks and you protect your home from the heat of the sun in those hot summer days.

The best material options for a low pitch roof

There are three types of roofing systems that use different materials to provide a low pitch roof the protection it needs. These are:

Built-up roof

A built-up roof consists of five layers, that give the roof and ceiling added protection. The layers are:

  • Deck surface
  • Rigid roof insulation
  • Cover board
  • Layers of ply sheets
  • Reflective roof coating

Asphalt is used between each layer to provide to waterproof each layer, reducing the chances of leaks. With so many layers, you can rest assured that your low pitch roof will not experience leaks for as long as the house stands. Keep in mind, that this system and material of roofing is more expensive and not ideal if you are looking for a roof that provides cooling.

Modified Bitumen roof

Modified bitumen is a layer of polyester insulation that features a steel deck at the bottom and a bitumen, modified asphalt, top. Essentially, the material has three layers bonded together. Bitumen has waterproofing characteristics and even has options in “cool roofing.” It is also reasonably priced, a reason why many homeowners prefer it over a built-up roof.

Single-ply roof

A single-ply roof features a mechanically attached membrane to a polyester roof insulation. The single membrane uses material that reflects heat off the roof and can help conserve energy in winters and summers. The material is durable and environment friendly. It is also commonly used in low-slope roofs because of its low-cost and features including “Cool Roofing” options and waterproofing characteristics.

You can find single-ply options made from different materials including bitumen, rubber, or plastic sheets. To determine which one is suitable for you, you can consult a roofing expert.

With that, we have covered the question of, what is the best roofing material for a low pitch house? However, if you notice a leak in your ceiling, you don’t necessarily need to go all out and replace the roof. You can waterproof the roof by applying a waterproof coating. The process is simple, all you have to do is figure out the surface area of the roof and get an elastomeric coating, which you can find at a near hardware store.

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