Replacing Your Home’s Siding

replace siding

The current siding of your home is not in good shape. And that means you have to replace it soon enough. Wear and tear is part of everything, including your old slides. Over a period of time, your sides give into to the outside elements trying to weaken it. May be it is time for you to think about replacing old siding, and maybe even install a new cedar shake roof! You will come across a lot of good siding brands in the market; each comes with their own pluses and minuses. It is up to you to make a decision eventually. Let’s take a look at some of the options you have before you.

Vinyl siding

Well, vinyl siding has to be one of the most popular options out there. Most of the home owners go for vinyl siding for plenty of reasons. When it comes to the most companies in the business, they advertise a maintenance free siding. Also, you will get a lifetime warranty as well. However, such warranties do not cover the fading of the color. You can repaint vinyl siding if you want; but then you must use acrylic paint.

Given vinyl siding contracts and expands to some extent, you have to be careful with the choice of paint. As a result of this contraction and expansion, you cannot call vinyl siding maintenance free. You are free to use caulking for replacing vinyl siding. Bellco Construction can help with all types of siding.

Once your vinyl siding turns 10 years old, it is time for you to go for caulking. Vinyl siding is subject to fading. And you will find it hard to replace the damaged pieces. Thanks to the color difference, any effort to repair it will make it look like patchwork. The good side of the vinyl is that it has the ability to resist scratches. It can take hard knocks too, especially if it is brand new. But older vinyl siding might be brittle with the passage of time.

Cedar siding

Next up, let’s think about cedar siding. As far as replacing your cedar siding is concerned, you have plenty of choices before you. And you will find them in the price range you prefer as well. If you want to save time on installation, then you should go for cedar shake in place of cedar pink. As far as cedar shake siding is concerned, it usually takes up to a month to install. And you might require more than just a ladder. Cedar siding requires treating. Otherwise, you will have to deal with algae and moss. The good thing about treating is that it will give a light color to the cedar. It will look much younger for a long time as well. Moisture can be the villain as it might result in curling of cedar. Shake might become very brittle as well. And it could split easily if you are not dealing with it properly. There are many faux cedar shake siding options available.

Common styles of cedar

As far as common styles of cedar are considered, you have choices like logwood, colonial, panaboard, novelty, shiplap, shake etc. You have plenty of options before you and you have to utilize your options wisely.